Unipoles are large-format billboards that are placed on top of very high poles. Their effectiveness is proven to show significant results because of their long distance visibility. The distinguishable rectangular shape of a unipole gives advertisers the opportunity to be creative and to enhance the content of their message.


Located on the busiest streets in high-profile areas across Gujarat, our kiosks target areas where minimal advertising exists. Strategically placed branded kiosks provide coverage in areas zoned out to other media. Dusk-to-dawn illumination with round-the-clock visibility to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic ensures you drive incredible point-of-purchase brand visibility.


A double-sided gantry billboard fixed to an overhead structure offers advertisers the option of advertising to either side of the traffic. They deliver high impact and allow for an effective long term presence in the market due to their prominent positioning and large display size.


Penetrate the rural market and drive consumer traffic with eye-catching displays at bus stops across the state. Placed across the back of bus stops in targeted rural areas, our large format backlit displays attract the attention of passers-by. Given the size of these mini-billboards, they provide a larger surface area for creative articulation and potential for audience engagement. Compact posters placed behind seats at bus shelters reach out to commuters across the state, providing excellent brand reminders.


An effectively placed hoarding has a massive impact in every kind of campaign. From product launches, brand awareness and promotional offers to long-term media campaigns, they are a must have. These hoardings are either front-lit or back-lit and situated in the best locations across Gujarat, to catch the eye of thousands daily.

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