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There is a lot to say about Vadodara city. Its geographical location is as good as Central Gujarat. And therefore, reaching any part of the state is not difficult. Vadodara Railway Station is the busiest station of the state as all trains from adjacent and Southern states to Saurashtra, Ahmedabad & North India have stops at Vadodara Railway Station, therefore, the city enjoys related advantages.

The city has a good number of Small & Medium scale industries along with few Large-scale industries like GSFC, IPCL, Heavy Water, Refinery etc and therefore the city is rich in chemical, mechanical and electric technology compared to other cities of Gujarat. Vadodara is most cosmopolitan, civilised and modern, and the citizen is brand loyal. It has good infrastructure and a comfortable environment. And because of these various qualities, it is a shopping HUB for all the nearby towns up to 100kms, the tallest construction of the world “Statute of Unity” is just 90kms from the city.

The city has a good number of schools of various grades and number of colleges for engineering and field, so a good education HUB too. So overall the city has all the facilities for civilians to enjoy and grow. Chitra Publicity is fortunate to have its own branch office for last more than 25years in the city. In Vadodara – Chitra Publicity is the most trusted and reputed outdoor advertising agency having its own more than 150 hoardings measuring about One Lac square feet. The hoardings are well spread in the city and cover many important locations, junctions and areas.
The company has almost all types of clients who get the best mileage of their advertisement through hoardings at Chitra Publicity Co. For Vadodara office of Chitra – teamwork within the staff is the main reason and strength for prosperity if given opportunity it shall be our constant endeavor to fulfill our commitment.

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Why choose Chitra Publicity ?

Outdoor advertising has become an absolute necessity for brands doing a 365 degree campaign. Chitra has spent last 85 years at the heart of Gujarat outdoor advertising industry with its core expertise in outdoor (OOH) advertising.

  • 130+ Employees

    Our young team of over 130 employees works closely and directly with clients, as well as global advertising agencies, outdoor specialists, PR, marketing, experiential and events companies.
  • Infrastructure

    With 5 branch offices across the state, Chitra has the best infrastructure to implement campaigns swiftly.
  • Product Visibility

    We work directly with some of India’s top brands and advertising agencies to facilitate maximum visibility for your product or service.
  • 256 GSRTC Hoardings

    We own the sole advertising rights at 256 GSRTC Bus Stands across Gujarat.
  • Proficient SOP

    We are the only agency in the OOH industry that works on proficient Standard Operating Procedures, which helps us to implement campaigns with no hassle and to deliver accurate results.
  • 2000+ Hoardings

    We own over 2000+ hoardings and digital hoardings in ahmedabad, baroda, surat, vapi, valsad, daman, silvassa across gujarat so you can launch your campaign with just a single point of contact.
  • Influential Locations

    We own the best media assets in the state of Gujarat and today, we are the biggest media owner in the state. We occupy the major share of hoardings across CG Road & SG Highway in Ahmedabad, Race Course, Sarabhai Circle & Bird Circle in Baroda, Mahila College & Kalawad Road in Rajkot as well as Sardar Bridge, Varaccha Flyover & Vesu Road in Surat City.

Our Services

Being the biggest advertising agency owner in Gujarat, we have the best assets. Providing our clients with quality media having best visibility is our Forte.

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UNIPOLES Advertising

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KIOSKS Advertising

Located on the busiest streets in high-profile areas across Gujarat, our kiosks target areas where minimal advertising exists.

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GANTRIES Advertising

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Our Hoardings

Chitra has 2000+ hoardings across the peak cities of gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Vapi, Valsad, Daman & Silvassa..

300 In Ahmedabad

CG Road & SG Highway

200 In Baroda

Race Course, Sarabhai Circle & Bird Circle

200 In Surat

Sardar Bridge, Varaccha Flyover & Vesu Road

Our Clients

Founded in early 19th century, Chitra Publicity is leading Outdoor Advertising Company across the state of Gujarat. Being a Family Owned business since 85 years, we have a legacy to consider. Our assets are our personality.

Chitra also works with several global agencies.

Our Team

A team which shows an intense & eager enjoyment in everything they do, we believe in making an experience like no other for our clients.

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