Need of Newspaper Advertisement

Whether you are just launching a new business or you're a veteran entrepreneur, the challenges of how to reach your customers in the best possible way is a familiar pain.

With constant changes in the marketing and advertising industry, it may feel like it's hard to keep up with all the mediums and avenues to choose from.

But despite of all the options available, one channel that continues to be a worthwhile investment is Newspaper.

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What is Newspaper Advertising?

Newspaper advertising has been the longest-running form of advertising available for businesses to market their products and services since ages.

There are a lot of variables that go into a newspaper ad depending on your goals. But, mostly, newspaper advertising is running an ad for your business in a publication - either print or digital.

While it may seem like a straightforward and intuitive process, there are things that every business owner needs to be aware of to effectively market and advertise in a news publication.

From the different types of newspaper ads you can run to the design and best-kept newspaper advertising secrets.

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising

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Better Reach

We're all familiar with the short attention span most of us have.

On the internet, that's a mere 8 seconds.

But fortunately, for printed media like newspapers and magazines, readers are much more inclined to pay attention for more extended periods of time.

Newspaper readers consume news in this medium because they either do so leisurely (or are therefore not rushed like their digital counterparts), or they value the news and content.

Print readership in India jumps 4.4% to 425 million in two years.

This shows that print advertising has massive potential in getting your message to your readers and encouraging them to act.

More Focused Targeting

Depending on the types of publications you are working with, many newspapers offer ways in which your businesses can target particular audience demographics through zip or postal codes.

You can get even more focused by using a niche publication to target a specific demographic or ethnic group.

Or, as is true of The Chronicle, there is a list of special advertising opportunities that run throughout the year, which appeal to a specific interest that a group of people may have - for instance,

Advertisers looking to reach a specific group of individuals may choose to place an ad in the newspaper editions that coincide with these "special sections," thus achieving higher levels of brand awareness among these niche audiences.

Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad
Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad


The price of newspaper advertising varies and might become prohibitive if done incorrectly.


There are many kinds of newspaper ads you can choose from- classified, inserts, box, etc.

Inserts offer more variety from - catalogs, cards, single sheets, and more.

Each of these can be further customized to come in larger or smaller formats with specific extras not offered through other publication means. You can choose the exact size, location, and design for your ad.

Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad
Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

Better Engagement

When you are looking for Newspaper advertising in Gujarat so you can select following newspapers which are highly circulate newspapers of Gujarat

Whether it's print or digital, newspaper readers are highly engaged and super attentive.

  • Gujarat Samachar
  • Divya Bhaskar
  • Sandesh
  • The Times of India
  • What are the different display ad sizes?

    Which newspaper ad size fits your pocket?

    Among the two types of newspaper advertisements, display ad sizes are the ones that matter the most to advertisers, since classified display ads have a few limitations in terms of ad sizes. Therefore advertisers in general focus more on the display ad sizes, while classified adverts are known more by the number of words and lines used in them.

    So let’s comprehend the different ad sizes in which display adverts are published. Although there can be numerous ad sizes, we intend to focus on the ones that are popular.

    Quarter Page

    The name quarter page refers to the 1/4th of a newspaper page which has about 7-8 columns of standard size, which is around 3-4 cm each and has a length of about 50-52 cm. A quarter of these dimensions brings the ad to a size of about 15-16 cm in width and 25-26 cm in length.

    A quarter page ad occupies a complete corner of a newspaper page and is also referred to as a postcard size advertisement. This is the most common form of display advertisement, as it is not only an economical option but if placed strategically, as mentioned about corners in the previous lesson, they can prove to be quite effective.The standard size followed by quarter page advertisements in publications is 16 cm X 25 cm for convenience in designing and printing the ad.

    Half Page

    By the same logic, a half page ad is known so as it occupies half of a newspaper page. But there are two types of half page adverts which have separate dimensions as well. Those are:

    Vertical Half Page

    If a half page ad is vertically printed then the dimensions of such an ad would be around 16 cm wide and 52 cm long covering the full vertical length and the half width of the page.

    Horizontal Half Page

    As for a horizontal half page advertisement, the ad would be 33 cm wide and 25 cm long, covering the complete width and half length of the page in question.

    Half-page advertisements are mostly common among Business, Retail and FMCG categories. Some of these ads are also flip ads, which means that only half of the newspaper page is printed on which the ad is placed while the rest has no content or any page at all. This happens mainly in case of the front page vertically half ads which appear like a half jacket of the main newspaper.

    Full Page

    Full page ads, as the name suggests, covers the entire page of the newspaper and has no other content apart from the ad print. All full page advertisements are 33 cm wide, covering about 8 columns and 52 cm long. These dimensions are based on the size of a broadsheet excluding a margin of at least 1-2 cm on the edges.

    **(An image of a full page advertisement mentioning the dimensions of arrows and a gap of 1-2 cm on all the sides, displayed with arrows again)

    Minimum Ad size

    You must be wondering what else separates a display ad from a classified display ad which can also be as wide as 6 cm and have any length.

    Well, the minimum size of a display advertisement is around 4 cm in width and 4 cm in length while that of a classified display ad is 3 cm (width) by 5 cm (length). And, of course, that display ads can be printed on any page of a newspaper or its supplement.

    In the case of certain specific newspapers, this minimum ad size criteria may be different. An example of this is the Times of India, wherein the minimum display ad size is 8 cm by 6 cm in case of all editions, except Delhi, for which the size limit is 8 cm by 4 cm.

    Custom Ad Sizes

    Apart from these popular ad sizes, there are certain ad sizes which cannot have a specific name since they are basically custom ad sizes. The dimensions for such adverts depend on the advertiser’s choice or the size of their personally designed ad.

    Some of the most frequently preferred sizes are:

    • 4 cm (width) by 5 cm (length)
    • 8 cm (width) by 4 cm (length)
    • 8 cm (width) by 5 cm (length)
    • 8 cm (width) by 6 cm (length)
    • 8 cm (width) by 12 cm (length)
    • 12 cm (width) by 20 cm (length)
    • 16 cm (width) by 20 cm (length)

    Advertisers can pick any of the above-mentioned sizes for their display ad or go with their own preferred ad size as per the design of their ad layout. But while publishing a display ad, one thing should always be kept in mind that, except for the full page advertisement, the width of all display ads sizes are even numbers, as in multiples of the numerical 2.