UNIPOLES Advertising

An exotic way of unfolding brand reputation with the power of Unipoles!
Unipole is one of the most effective channels for spreading the brand’s message in an exclusively appealing manner. We at Chitra Advertising offer exclusive promotions for major brands of Gujarat in a way to greet their desired targets. We proudly convey that we are at a monarchical level in the field of offline advertising, & so are considered as the top most Advertising Agency of Ahmedabad. We vouch to plan & spread the message of brand in the most creatively artistic way which will escalate & enhance brand reputation in the market. Fortunately, our high-end solutions have helped many of the globally-famous clients to advertise their products effectively.

KIOSKS Advertising

An effective tool for brand promotions!
From busiest street to high-posh areas, Chitra Publicity’s Kiosks are proudly ideated & placed in a way to earn point-of-purchase brand publicity. Our team of experts strategically plan & place the Kiosks in the most coverage areas to earn the highest impressions. We strive to forward perfection & so are tagged as one of the best Advertising Agency of Ahmedabad. With a rich experience in the field of advertising & communication, we have bagged from budding to globally famous clients in our premium portfolio.

GANTRIES Advertising

An exquisitely lucrative mode of spreading the brand goal!
The double-side designed gantry billboard can never be ignored due to its large size & impactful positioning. It ensures prominent recognition, presence, & seeks sheer attention from the traffic. Drop a hello to get advertised by one of the Best Advertising Agency of Ahmedabad.


Aiming the target audience in the most triumphant way!
From the time of the outset, we have earned prominent attention of commuters through our eye-catchy displays which are placed at major bus stops across the Gujarat state. Our designed backlit displays are brewed with a specific purpose to fetch prominent audience engagements which will in-turn rapidly increases brand recognition. We cater excellence & so are famous with the label of Top Advertising Agency of Gujarat.


Sketching & accelerating the brand image on a digital canvas!
An effectively placed hoarding has a massive impact on every kind of campaign. From product launches, brand awareness, promotional offers to long-term media campaigns, we have successfully forwarded our prowess to many brands across the Gujarat state.
Being one of the front-runners in the field of Advertising & Media Segment; we are considered as one of the Best Advertising Agency of Gujarat!

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