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Bus Queue Shelter

With over 750+ Bus Shelters (BQS) available across Ahmedabad City, there was a need to adapt to a new approach. We call it a network approach where multiple BQS comes together to form a network which is designed to engage with a specific audience.To ensure that this network of multiple BQS will attract the right audience, we are deploying the right insights to develop a well-researched study on the demographics and the psychographics of a set consumers and utilizing it to enhance the reach and impact. We carry out a comprehensive analysis using parameters like Male Female Ratios, Age Groups, Affluence, Population Density and Point of Interest to calculate an impact. This survey data is First Party Data which means it is collected and analysed by a single company who can stand by for its authenticity. The idea behind this network approach is to capture the attention of the specific target audience to deliver the right message to the right audience.

Available BQS Networks

There is an overwhelming amount of data available on Bus Shelters across Ahmedabad City. We have combined this information together to form 4 different kinds of networks. These 4 networks are designed to cater different people and they are designed to deliver impact to the relevant audience.

Youth Pack
  • This pack is designed to target youth population between the age groups of 20 to 35 years

  • We are targeting males and females between age groups of 15-35 years.

  • This pack contains 35-50 BQS.

  • Assured monthly impressions of 30L young individuals.

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Corporate Class / Working Class Employees
  • This pack reaches out to the corporate class working employees, tapping into the potential of employees who are commuting daily from home to work & attending client meetings in various corporate parks.

  • Targeted Age group will be between 30-55 years

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  • This Pack serves for Private and Government Hospitals, Medical Clinics and Pharmacies.

  • Targeted Age group: 45-80 years.

  • Point Of Interests Covered: Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Pharma Companies.

  • Pack of 35-40 shelters.

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  • The pack is designed to cater to masses, targeting places with footfall higher than ____ per square meter.

  • People of all age groups are targeted with focus simply on density.

  • All POI’s are covered to cater this pack

  • This is the largest pack among all four, having 70+ BQS in it.

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Advantages of Network Approach.

Big Data

Unlike other media, BQS Networks are backed with boat loads of data based on the shelter's geographic location which guarantees impact and right audience.


Eye Level AD placement at 7 feet height from the ground and 25degrees tilt.


This is a Sole Right tender means you can close your deal with a single supplier for branding across the city.


BQS are

  • a) 70% cheaper than ground level hoardings and
  • b) 85% cheaper than Gantries.

This means you can procure more units in the same budget and cover more parts of the City.


80% of all BQS are backlit for immersive experience at night