Kiosks Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad


  • Out of home advertising is the oldest means of advertising, however, this type of brand promotion still exhibits effective and efficient results for any brand endorsement campaign.
  • Outdoor advertising in India also enables target customers to receive their free choice of sentiment and action while picking out a brand of their option. Kiosks are usually preferred to attract audience on an entire road stretch. They are small in size but repeated hammering across the road is minimal and effective advertising, with round-the-clock visibility to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Chitra publicity's Kiosks are found in Common environments that include malls, lifestyle centres, airports, movie theatres, stadiums, subways, train stations. Our kiosks are in common sight in many environments due to their multi-functionality as way finding and information centres, as well as their ease of deployment and maintenance. The kiosks displayed by Chitra Publicity are eye-catching and less easily ignored or looked past than traditional advertising signage. We carry all the reasons to stand at the top position of the best advertising agency of Ahmedabad.