GSRTC Branding

  • Effective and on-point! GSRTC Bus Stand branding will always be the most favorable mode of reaching maximum audience. Chitra Publicity Co. (OOH) offers Backlit Hoarding Advertising on bus stand to yield focused coverage and high frequency of visibility.
  • With over 22 lakh people using GSRTC buses as their prime mode of transportation in Gujarat, Chitra Publicity Co. (OOH) offers highly varied inventory of locations to leverage there full potential with eye catchy branding. The reason behind being the Best Outdoor Advertising Agency in Gujarat is that our backlit displays are placed at appropriate eye level making it easier for the visitors and vehicular traffic to view the entire message.
  • Apart from the strategic placements, Chitra Publicity Co. (OOH) also recommends ST stand branding; ideal for versatile promotional campaigns. Thus getting a chance to connect with potential audience of various locations and regions in a cost effective manner. This caliber of brewing strategic placements with large inventory of locations makes us the Top Advertising Agency in Gujarat.