Billboard advertising companies in Ahmedabad

Large Format Hoarding

Chitra Publicity offers a very effective way to market your product & services through Large Format Hoarding. We put up these hoardings in the key areas of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, making the advertisement more accessible and productive than ever before.

We leverage our media presence to display visual advertisements and engage consumers while they are out-of-home. We design eye-catching hoardings to create brand awareness, promotional offers, and long-term media campaigns. Large format outdoor hoarding sites dwarf the roads. Essential to create instant impact and deliver clear communication to the masses.

With the right graphics, it’s easy to make a really positive impression on a local community. We promise to win over residents hearts and minds with a bit of creativity, humility, and self-awareness – and hoardings are a fantastic way to achieve this. Depending on the size or duration of the campaign, variety of media assets are available to create marketing mix. Even double-height hoardings can now be beautifully covered in printed designs, and specially-designed substrates materials are also been used to create longer-lasting graphics. We are privileged to be at a monarchical level in the field of offline advertising, & so are considered as the topmost Advertising Agency of Ahmedabad.