Our History


Chitra Publicity is one of the largest advertising and outdoor publicity agencies in the state of Gujarat. It was founded by Late Shri. KANTILAL MANILAL MEHTA in 1929. We started as a small publicity shop in the early '90s. At the time, activities of the small outdoor publicity were limited to fabricating signboards and film banners, but it is always said that in order to achieve any goal and dream we must take small steps each day because those are the ones that will lead us to success. Shri. Kantilal Mehta's hard work and his determined passion to build the biggest advertising agency became the strong pillars of the foundation for Chitra Publicity.

With the passage of time, we started spreading the footprints in many other cities in Gujarat. Kantilal Ji had grown the seeds of outdoor publicity business in every employee. His motivation, leadership ethics, and love for his employees made him achieve the pinnacle of success. The well-trained staff and the business support was the strength of Chitra Publicity to cater to the versatile outdoor Publicity needs of potential clients. Growth and expansion have always been watchwords — not only for Shri. Kantilal Mehta's own business ambitions, but even more importantly in terms of our clients.

The wave of promoting the venture of entrepreneurs in an experienced and most possible creative way stretched out increasingly, grabbing the big brand attention of the public. It mandates the entrepreneurs to proffer bountiful opportunities for branding and elevating their business to a new level of success. He earned a reputation as a valued partner to our clients by assembling an elite team of experts who share a passion for achieving brand success.


The seeds of carrying the Outdoor publicity business were inherited in further generations. The heir of Shri. Kantilal Mehta, Mr. Atul Mehta have taken the inheritance forward. In the year 2015, the business was renamed to Chitra Publicity Co (OOH) Gujarat (Chitra OOH). The vision was to create a business decoupled in order to market different products and services.

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Management Approach

Chitra OOH, unlike other advertising agencies, implements the management approach with a modern perspective. With the emergence of IT-enabled advertising as well as marketing platforms and their growing popularity, the key focus is providing a data-driven approach to clients. The data-driven approach caters to different information related to inventory, prime locations, availability of resources, and the approximations of public views. In this approach, every single unit is focused deeply and committed to reaching the relevant audience, through strategic alliances, information, and tactical planning. This is what sets us as an elite service provider.