• Medium sized frames available on junctions for guaranteed exposure. Medium sized format, scattered across the cities, unipoles provide mass reach and are ideally preferred for burst campaigns.
  • Technological progress has allowed us to improve the quality of the elements used in outdoor advertising. We offer a wide range of finishes and design options to display client's advertising messages. These options include the labelling on canvas, the backlight, among others.
  • This medium is effective because it exposes messages for a long time since it remains static. We vouch to plan & spread the content of the brand in the most creatively aesthetic way which will skyrocket & enhance brand reputation in the market. We have strategically placed the unipoles in the high traffic areas of Ahmedabad and Surat to reach out to mass people. Because of its height and dimensions, it achieves enviable visibility in dense city that leads to brand recognition and create effective advertising.