Make an Impressionable Impact on More Than 5 Lakh Minds with Hubtown Branding Opportunity

Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

In a world of dwindling attention span, it is really hard for a company and the marketing team to get the attention of its target groups. Even with all the technological advancements, outdoor publicity and advertising is the best way to reach masses and make them aware of your brand and product/service offerings.

    But what about beating competitors in a dynamic and ruthless marketing ecosystem? There is always a chance that a competitor sabotages your OOH campaign by placing retaliatory advertisements adjacent to your branding spots. It is a pretty common predatory strategy pioneered by global brands like Burger King, Hyundai, Xiaomi, among others.

    But what if we told you about an opportunity that promises undivided attention by onlookers and undiluted branding space in an entire area for your brand or business right here in Ahmedabad? Chitra OOH has always been on the forefront of innovation and uniqueness among OOH companies in Ahmedabad and brings to you an exclusive chance to reclaim your turf and enjoy great visibility right in the heart of the city.

    The Massive Bus Stand Branding Opportunity at Hubtown, Ahmedabad

    Ahmedabad, as a city, has always been a crowd puller for people looking to do more with their life. As one of the most well-connected cities in modern India, it is considered as a hub for commercial activity, attracting lakhs of aspirants from western parts of the country.

    A World Heritage City, Ahmedabad is well connected to all the major cities like Mumbai, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Nasik, Indore, in Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh via a well-connected public transport network.

    GSRTC- the apex transport body of Gujarat is known to connect Ahmedabad’s Hubtown or Geeta Mandir Bus Terminal to 256 GSRTC bus stands and several other cities in the country. With an aim to modernize the facilities at Ahmedabad Hubtown Bus Terminal, the government executed a large-scale renovation project which made Geeta Mandir a public regional transport hub.

    Do you know?

  • Every day Geeta Mandir caters to 5,00,000 commuters from all parts of western India.
  • Public transport services from Geeta Mandir covers 99% of the rural and urban population of Gujarat
  • Advertising at Geeta Mandir Terminal can give a brand massive beach among the people of Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities.
  • Realizing the massive branding and advertising opportunity at modernized Hubtown bus terminal, Chitra OOH came up with a concept of clutter-free, mass interaction advertising campaign for tech startups, FMCG brands and companies who are looking to boost their visibility in Ahmedabad and whole of western India.

    Winning exclusive branding rights for Ahmedabad Bus Terminal, Chitra OOH provides a unique opportunity for companies who are looking for brand and client activation through focused OOH campaign spread over an entire area in the middle of the city.

    Never Get Lost in the Crowd with Streamlined Communication

    Streamlined communication and constant visibility is an important aspect for the success of a brand promotion strategy. Understanding the lack of goal-driven OOH campaigns in Ahmedabad, Chitra OOH came up with the concept of constant, clutter-free and area-focused OOH advertising.

    Chitra’s exclusive area branding solution places any brand in a better position than solo OOH hoardings. When the target audience looks at the same brand again and again over an area, the brand recall value increases, improving the prospects of customer activation.

    With exclusive branding opportunity at Hubtown that is equivalent to naming rights, brands like yours don’t have stay in the fear of getting lost in the crowd. With Chitra’s unique strategy, you can pepper up the entire area with relevant marketing communication at strategic locations inside and outside the bus terminal.

    Harness the True Potential of OOH with Extraordinary Ad Spaces by Chitra OOH

    Chitra OOH has always tried to empower brands looking to grow their reach and visibility since the beginning. A pioneer in OOH space, Chitra comes up with unique opportunities like GSRTC branding at Hubtown. Chitra OOH, as one of the leading OOH companies in Ahmedabad, offers an integrated OOH branding campaign with the following branding opportunities:

  • Stepper Hoardings at Entry
  • Stepper Hoardings at LH Side
  • Kiosks at the Driveway
  • Kiosks inside the Terminal at the Platform Area
  • Signboards in the waiting area
  • Signboards at entry gate
  • Large hoarding at Platform 25
  • Hoarding at Tiger Wall on Platform 20-25
  • Hoardings at the Periphery of the Bus Terminal
  • Unipoles outside the bus terminal
  • Kickstarting an exclusive OOH campaign at Hubtown, Geeta Mandir Terminal is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for brands looking for deeper penetration and recall in western India. Chitra offers everything you need to make a huge impact among their target audience.

    With years of experience in the OOH industry, our experts can manage the entire campaign, from beginning till the end. For you, this means absolute peace of mind and great exposure. Interested in the unique branding opportunity? We are eager to hear your ideas! Get in touch now.

Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad
Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad
Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad
Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad